Elite Flair Bartending Program in Miami

The Elite Flair Bartending Program was created by Elite Bartending School and a team of Professional Flair Bartenders who have developed the most advanced hands on Working and Exhibition Flair Program in the world. After years of instilling the craft of Flair in them with years of practice, encountering constant struggles, trials, and challenges their hard work has paid off and they have solidified Elite’s Flair Bartending Program. Our Program is designed for the bartender looking to advance their bartending capacity to include the skills in Flair, setting themselves apart from the others in the bartending world. Taught on the sands of Miami Beach, Elite’s Flair Bartending Program is extremely hands on taught over 30 hours twice a week. Students are quickly able to see the progression and development in their coordination and Flair skills. The Flair Program is also routinely visited by professional flair instructors from around the world who guest appear and share their talents with the members of the class. Our Program is complemented with an extensive manual and comprehensive DVD with all moves and routines that are learned in the program so that students can also practice in the comfort of their own home.

Don’t just be a Bartender….Be an ELITE Flair Bartender!