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ELITE Bartending School LLC.

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Non-Liability Agreement

Program: Flair Workshop

By signing below, I hereby acknowledge receipt of a copy of this Non-Liability Agreement, as of the date set forth below, next to my printed name.

1. I understand that any activity in which I participate with Elite Bartending School LLC,
involve inherent risks of damage to and loss of my personal property, as well of personal injury, or death. I further acknowledge that I understand the nature of these risks, and voluntarily accept such.

2. I acknowledge and agree that no person associated with, or speaking on behalf of Elite Bartending School LLC. has minimized any risk, or disavowed or contradicted anything contained in this Non-Liability Agreement, to participate in any Elite Bartending School programs. I have carefully considered these risks to my person and property and person, having freely and voluntarily decided to assume such risks.

3. I acknowledge and agree that in the event the team leader, in the team leader’s sole discretion, determines that my personal conduct or demeanor is disruptive to the workshop and work of Elite Bartending School LLC. , that the team leader has the right, and responsibility to Elite Bartending School LLC, to remove me from the team at any time during the workshop. I further acknowledge and agree that all additional costs
caused by my early departure will be at my personal expense and Elite Bartending School LLC. shall be under no obligation to reimburse me therefore.

4. This Non-Liability Agreement shall be construed and interpreted in accordance with the internal laws of the State of Florida.



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