Advanced Mixology $400

The Advanced Mixology Program is designed for the experienced or working bartender who is looking to expand their knowledge on mixology, drink presentation and the design of high quality cocktails, using unique ingredients. This Program covers complex Martinis, Tropical and Frozen Drinks, Margaritas, and Fresh Mojitos using high quality ingredients such as jams, cinnamon sticks, fresh fruits. The Advanced Mixology Program will also help a bartender sharpen their skills in four separate aspects of drink making which are crushing, layering, shaking and blending. The Advanced Mixology Program is taught over a 3 day period in two class times, day and evening. Taught only using real liquor and the freshest of ingredients, the bartender can actually taste and understand the cocktails and methods used and be able to implement them while working to wow guests, increase customer satisfaction and increase tips!

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